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Mission accomplished at Grand Prix de Pau

23 May

At the second round of the new FIA International Formula 3 Trophy at Pau last weekend, Japanese Formula 3 rookie and podium finisher Richard Bradley achieved what he set out to do. Driving for Carlin at the 70th Grand Prix de Pau, the objective was for Richard to get some practice on a street circuit alongside very good company such as F3 Euro Series front-runner Marco Wittmann and former British F3 champion Marko Asmer.

F3 last ran on the streets of the city in 2008 as a support race to the World Touring Car Championship. With the creation of the FIA International F3 Trophy, Pau was given the chance to revive the event. Earlier, the first round of the International F3 Trophy was held at Hockenheim with the F3 Euro Series.

As part of his preparation for the Macau Grand Prix F3 race in November, Richard headed to Pau to gain experience on a difficult street circuit, racing some of the best F3 drivers in the world. Everything went according to plan and he managed to clock valuable track time without getting involved in incidents, taking away with him some very invaluable experience.

Eventually finishing in 10th place, between his two Carlin team-mates, Richard is now back in Fuji for the official test for the Japanese F3 Championship which will run on 26 and 27 May.

To view more photos of this event, kindly visit Richard’s Facebook album here.

Richard Bradley does well on official F3 debut

17 May

After a delay of the season opening and a cancellation of the first round, 2010 Formula BMW Pacific champion Richard Bradley was eager to start his first ever Japanese Formula 3 championship.

Kicking off last weekend at Suzuka, Richard qualified 4th for both races. He finished 3rd in Race 1 and a dramatic start at Race 2 saw him stall at the start and having to chase from dead last, before finally finishing in 4th.

New to F3 and never been on Suzuka circuit (very technical track) before, TOM’S is pleased with his performance on his debut.

Richard shares his thought on his first F3 race weekend:

1. How did you feel before the race weekend? It’s your first ever official F3 race.
I felt very excited going into the race. It is my first race in F3 and at one of the hardest tracks in the world. It was obviously difficult but I was determined to deliver a good performance and also learn a lot, so I can be in a competitive position.

2. The first round was cancelled due to the earthquakes in Japan; how were you affected? 
I was affected as all of my pre-season testing and preparations were cancelled, where I would have been to two of the tracks I would be racing on this year. Thankfully everybody in the team was alright – that’s most important. In the end I had to go over to England and do some testing, but it was nowhere near as much as what it would have been. I think I made good progress though.

3. What other races are you doing this year besides F3?
This year I will be competing in the Japanese F3 championship, the Macau Grand Prix, and next week the famous Pau street race in Southern France. There are other potential races I could do as part of the FIA Intercontinental F3 Cup at Spa or Zandvoort, but these depend on sponsorship.

4. What are your expectations for this season?
Obviously I would like to win and believe I am in a good position to do so. This first round will be my weakest race of the year as it is the first one on a track I have never been to and I have had very restricted preparation. But it is my first year in F3 and so the target is to give a good performance and learn as much as possible. I think as long as I do that then the results should come.

5. How different is F3 from driving Formula BMW?
F3 is massively different to Formula BMW because of open regulations. The engine development is very open, as is aerodynamics. This means the driver has to develop the car with the engineers. They are very advanced and have a higher power to weight ratio than a Ferrari Enzo and at top speed can generate two tonnes of downforce.

6. What did you think of your performance at your first race?
Racing in Japan is very different in a special way compared to any other place in the world. The fans are very passionate and are very supportive. They never fail to surprise and always have pictures of me in go karts asking for autographs! They are very welcoming and very supportive and there are big crowds. There is obviously a slight language barrier, but most people in TOM’S speak English.

Richard will be heading over to France for the famous Pau street race next, stay tuned for an update on that! Meanwhile, Richard would like to thank each and every one for their support and encouragement! :)

Richard dons his new suit for 2011!

3 May

Richard Bradley is proud to be wearing his TOM’s suit in the official Petronas colours as he heads to Japan for the first round of the Japanese Formula 3 championship next weekend.


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