Richard Bradley has proven to be an inspiration to aspiring race drivers and fellow motorsports enthusiasts through appearances and interactions with the public.

He was first chosen to be the national ambassador for F1 in Schools in Singapore in 2010 where he addressed crowds of 800 people with his presentation about the various aspects of motorsports and the importance of technical and engineering knowledge in motorsports.

He also made special guest appearances at the K1 Karting Series 2010, where he shared his racing experiences and secrets to success.

Once, Richard spent nearly two hours signing autographs for hundreds of fans, on items ranging from iPhones to cameras to water bottles to t-shirts and even on textbooks!

At the F1 in Schools World Final awards ceremony dinner in 2010, Richard was standing alongside 2009 F1 World Champion and fellow Briton Jenson Button as both of them signed autographs for their respective fans.

In early 2011, Richard made a public appearance and competed against the Singapore winner of the Playstation 3 GranTurismo 5 Challenge – Richard won him by miles.

Richard was again appointed as the national ambassador for F1 in Schools in Singapore in 2011; this time addressing an even greater crowd.

Join his Facebook fan page at now!

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